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Operation pulse tools

Oil pulse tools

BOLTEK, uses a new technology called «automatic pressure release.»

In older models oil pulse tools, during the process of screwing on the pulse unit, when oil flows from the high pressure zone to the low pressure, the area of the oil route depends on the target torque. This results in a drop in speed and an unstable tightening torque during the tightening process. But with the new model oil pulse tools, which adopts technology «automatic pressure release», during screwed into the pulse unit high pressure oil flows to the low pressure zone using the pressure release device, automatically adjusting the oil path and thus improving the stability of the torque and efficiency of the screw. This new feature helps improve the performance of the adjustment process.

Moreover, the aim of this new model oil pulse tools with «automatic pressure release» torque is the same as that obtained with previous models.

Contribution to environmental protection and operator safety

Our new design meets engineering requirements for operator safety. It has an oil impulse device with low noise, low vibration and minimal reaction force.

The ergonomically designed grip handle significantly reduces the load on the hand, fingers and easier for the operator. Meanwhile, in order to protect the environment, we have stopped painting the body of the device, but adopt a process of sandblasting in it. In addition, the casing of the handle and body are developed with materials that meet current regulations for environmental protection. In addition, we have significantly reduced the noise factor of the tool for improved operator comfort and the environment.

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